Whistler Roundhouse Lodge

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Built: 1997

Capacity: 1,500

Area: 50,000 square feet

Capabilities: Casual full-service dining and a la carte, including coffee and espresso bars, outdoor barbecues, washroom and retail facilities


Whistler Roundhouse Lodge

The biggest restau­rant on Whistler Mountain, home to a restaurant and three open food courts, the Roundhouse Lodge is conve­niently located at the junction of the Whis­tler Village and Peak 2 Peak Gondolas.


Provide an accessible multi-use dining and conference facility for the influx of fans while still running operations as usual, minimizing energy consumption and waste.


Whistler Blackcomb recently completed a Power Smart Partnership incentive project for the entire resort. Controls on heating and lighting systems, temperature and precipitation sensors on heat tracing and the changing of more than 11,000 light bulbs in all locations, including the Roundhouse all resulted in savings of over 4,500,000 kWh per year. In early 2006, the Roundhouse installed a hybrid heating system that is saving up to 300 tonnes of GHG emissions per year.

All of Whistler Blackcomb’s 18 restaurants continue to lead the way in sustainable best practices and are working to decrease electric energy consumption, while bettering last year’s recycling and composting efforts. Signage at the facilities creates public and staff awareness about recycling and composting programs, while resort guests are also encouraged to use reusable cold drink cups and coffee mugs instead of single-use cups. Use of reusable dishes and cutlery in restaurants has also been implemented.

Whistler Blackcomb’s food and beverage team demonstrates leadership through focusing on high quality, fresh, and regional ingredients and continues to improve menus to reflect guests’ desire for nutritious, fresh, and high quality products in keeping with their active lifestyles. They continue to use locally grown ingredients, Ocean Wise fish products and organic products.

Whistler Blackcomb recently installed light timers, temperature controls and energy efficient light bulbs in the majority of its facilities. To learn more, visit: http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/media


Whistler Blackcomb added a full-time Environmental Coordinator position to manage the many onsite initiatives as it works towards the goal of zero waste. Last year's effort to reduce, reuse and recycle waste materials and also increase composting efforts resulted in a waste output decrease of over 46%.

Whistler Blackcomb works closely with the Habitat Improvement Team, a local community organization, in their efforts to protect, restore and enhance fish and wildlife habitat in the Whistler area as well as partnering with local government and other area businesses in developing a comprehensive community sustainability plan (also known as Whistler 2020).

Whistler Blackcomb trains employees on best environmental practices, and hosts ecology and wildlife viewing tours for visitors in addition to showcasing its environmental initiatives through over 50 interpretive sites throughout the resort property.

With the completed infrastructure of the men's and women's Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games alpine venue, Whistler Blackcomb will be able to host more world-class events in the future. Working with BC Hydro and its partners has improved reporting systems for Whistler Blackcomb managers which aid them in making greener purchasing decisions. This, along with everything from the redesigning of waste management systems, to energy efficiency initiatives and metering systems will leave a legacy of more sustainable operations which benefit everyone.

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