Paralympic Village Community Centre

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Built: 2009

Area: 45,500 square feet

Capabilities: Community centre, childcare centre, non-motorized boating centre, restaurant, and office space and retail spaces (during the Games only).  

LEED Certification Target: Platinum


Excellence in Green Building Practices by the Globe Foundation and the World Green Building Council, 2009


Paralympic Village Community Centre

The Southeast False Creek Community Centre will accommodate various groups during the Games, including the Village Mayor, administrative staff and Four Host First Nations, along with major amenities for athletes.


Build a LEED Platinum community centre for a high density village with all major amenities that would significantly reduce its own energy consumption while supplying solar (thermal) power to the Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU).


The Community Centre utilized a wide array of sustainable design and construction practices and is a key piece in the energy efficiency of the entire neighbourhood by supplying power to the Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU). One of three solar energy sources in the Olympic and Paralympic Village, Vancouver, the roof of the Community Centre collects thermal energy which it uses to produce hot water and heat for the building. In summer the solar energy is also used for cooling, via an absorption chiller. Excess heat is supplied to the NEU to heat water for use by other buildings in the Village.   

Careful design of indoor spaces and orientation of the building has minimised energy consumption as a result of the provision of day-lighting and views for building occupants. The three storey atrium provides natural ventilation, reducing the need for mechanical ventilation. The building is primarily heated by low temperature radiant slab (hydronic) systems, with individual space tempering from capillary mat and variable refrigerant flow systems.   Radiant slab and capillary mat systems utilise warm water and are a good match for a holistic building design that is focussed on maximising energy efficiency. 


The Community Centre is a modern, green building that serves the community through both improved recreational and education facilities, and supplying energy.

After the completion of the Games, the facility will be returned to the Park Board for conversion to a state-of-the-art community centre. It will become a two-level community centre, child-care facility, non-power boating centre and will also include space for a two-level restaurant. The seawall skirts the north side of the building and provides easy access for cyclists and pedestrians.