Canada Hockey Place

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Built: 1995

Capacity: 18,422

Area: 475,000 square feet

Capabilities: Premier sports and entertainment facility and home to the Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League

Awards: Facility Magazine’s Prime Site Award for seven consecutive years (1995 – 2001)


Canada Hockey Place

Since its inception as the leading entertainment venue in British Columbia, Canada Hockey Place has welcomed over 15 million visitors through its doors in numerous national and international events.


Find a suitable venue for all Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games ice hockey games, in order to avoid the high expenditure of energy and costs of building a new facility.


In order to reduce the impact that ice hockey will have on the natural environment, General Motors Place will be renamed Canada Hockey Place and serve as the primary venue for ice hockey at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. This decision was an excellent example of smart site selection, among the best ways a city can lower its environmental impact, through avoiding unnecessary construction. Not only does this action eliminate the immense energy consumption required for new building construction, but it doesn’t require any new building materials, nor create any waste.

Within its normal operations, General Motors Place has led green initiatives in four areas: utilities, waste handling, housekeeping, and food and beverage. For utilities, variable frequency drives on larger horse power motors and arena wide use of compact fluorescent and LED lights both lower electrical consumption. General Motors Place’s recent work with BC Hydro to install energy management software helps further reduce overall electricity use by tracking, analyzing and reporting on total consumption.

In terms of waste management, the office areas in the building have recently switched to 30% recycled paper products, while implementing a new recycling program for a variety of materials. There has also been a company-wide initiative to encourage employees to keep electronic formats of documents to avoid unnecessary printing. Only water-based paint is used on the ice surface and during removal, paint is separated from water and safely disposed of by a third party. For housekeeping, only green cleaning products are used by custodians.

Finally in terms of food and beverage, all alcoholic beverages are now served in recyclable cups, all disposable plates and cutlery are now made of compostable and recyclable materials and fountain machines are used for the majority of soft drink dispersion rather than plastic bottles. For food preparation, filtration equipment has been installed to reduce consumption of deep frying oils and low flow dishwashers have been installed. In addition, premium menus have been developed to use local, sustainable products.


Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Canada Hockey Place is perfectly situated within walking distance to public transit lines (both the newly built Canada Line and Skytrain rail systems) and all major bus routes. This reduces extensive carbon emissions that would have been emitted from tens of thousands of spectators needing to drive to a venue further from downtown.

A staple of downtown Vancouver, Canada Hockey Place has been highly praised for its superior event production and hospitality abilities. Now, by hosting the Winter Olympic Games ice hockey, Canada Place can help attract future generations of fans and tourists to Vancouver, where small green initiatives will have a huge impact when multiplied by the millions of visitors each year.