About the Venue Energy Tracker

BC Hydro and the Vancouver Organizing Committee of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) created the Venue Energy Tracker to showcase the innovative sustainability measures implemented in various 2010 Winter Games venues and associated sites through an energy management software.


The communities involved were challenged with producing world class facilities with a minimal environmental footprint, while maximizing the long term legacies for their residents. The Venue Energy Tracker communicates the energy consumption and savings being realized by various partner venue buildings.


Employing the latest in energy management software technology, BC Hydro with the energy tracking software tracks, analyzes and reports on real-time energy consumption from the venue sites in order to see energy and green house gas savings and set benchmarks from which similar venues can compare themselves to.

Learning from past Games, applying best practices in green design, construction, and occupant engagement, the communities were able to mitigate local and global sustainability challenges and embrace opportunities to make a difference. Actions taken include implementing green building features, including but not limited to: implementing energy saving technology, sequestering BC Pine Beetle wood as a construction material, rainwater capture and reuse, waste heat reuse, targeting LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building certification, and incorporating green principles and practices into operations and events.


Since you cannot manage something you do not measure, the Venue Energy Tracker is the missing link for all of the venue partners who want to both lower their overall energy consumption and verify the effect that green retrofits and initiatives taken during the design and construction had on their buildings. The energy tracking software’s live, real-time dashboard allows venues to do just this, catching anomalies in energy consumption, revealing actual costs savings from retrofits and accurately forecasting the effect that future projects have on consumption.

BC Hydro has been successful in many projects similar to the Venue Energy Tracker, utilizing software is actively gather energy information across British Columbia. British Columbia is a leader in the cleantech industry and now, through the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, we hope to leave a legacy of conservation, innovation, transparency and responsibility that will be felt for generations to come.